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Insha Dance company


" The WALL"
reactive dance play


Name: Insha Dance Company

Origin:  Kyiv, Ukraine


Genres:  Dance theatre, performance art


Years Active:  2021 - Present

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Short BIO

Reactive Dance Play “The Wall” is a collaboration between choreographer Illia Miroshnichenko and sound -artist Heinali (Oleg Shpudeiko). The perfomance explores the archetype of the wall in its various manifestations, including the wall as an obstacle in communication between dance and music. With the help of a reactive surface and a modular synthesizer, dancers create music, and music, in turn, shapes the movements of the dancers. The production refers to a series of situations built around the idea of the wall and borrowed from history, religion, myths and  personal experiences.


The perfomance evening consists of two parts . The first part is the short documentary film “Behind the Wall” (English subtitles) where the participants of the project explain how the reactive technology works, and share their feelings from working with the Wall. The second part is a Dance Play “The Wall” itself.

The project was supported by Ukrainian Cultural Fundation (UCF)



The Wall Solo Bogdan
The Wall solo Oleksandra
The Wall Duo Kate and Sasha

Insha Dance Company

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